Texas Nursing Home Cases Rich McIver is Currently Handling

Attorney Rich McIver handles a number of serious nursing home lawsuits in Houston and throughout Texas. Below are brief descriptions of cases that his firm is currently handling:

Houston Nursing Home Pressure Ulcer Case.

Due to the nursing home’s failure to implement an adequate care plan for the patient, she becomes severely dehydrated and malnourished, develops a UTI, has multiple falls, and acquires a severe bedsore. She ultimately dies as a result of the nursing home neglect.

Houston Nursing Home Decubitus Ulcer Case.

Patient had suffered a stroke and was in the nursing home facility for long-term care. Due to the nursing home’s failure to develop an appropriate care plan, and lack of adequate wound prevention, nutrition and hydration, the patient developed severe stage 3 and stage 4 decubitus ulcers on his buttocks, heels and ears. Patient died as a result of complications related to these wounds.

Texas Nursing Home Medication Overdose Case.

The nursing home’s failure to properly administer hydrocodone, caused a severe overdose that ultimately caused the patient’s death.

Texas Nursing Home Rape Case.

The nursing home failed to provide a safe environment for patients by admitting a known child molester into the facility and allowing him unmonitored access to the other residents. He raped three of the nursing home residents within a week of arriving in the nursing home.

Houston Nursing Home Catheter Infection and Wound Care Case.

Due to nursing home’s failure to maintain sanitary living conditions for its residents, a patient develops a severe infection from a catheter. He must be rushed to an ER, where it is discovered that he had also developed severe bed sores. Patient is receiving a skin graft and other painful wound care as he recovers.

Texas Nursing Home Pressure Ulcer Case.

The nursing home’s neglect led to the formation of severe bedsores on the woman’s sacrum, legs, foot, and heels. These wounds eventually caused the woman’s death.

Texas Nursing Home Stage 4 Bedsore Case.

Patient broke his hip after falling at home and went to a nursing home to recover from the injury. Due to the nursing home’s failure to properly prevent the wound from forming, and subsequent failure to treat the wound, the patient developed a stage 4 ulcer and is now in a hospital where he is undergoing wound care treatment.

Texas Nursing Home Fall and Pressure Ulcer Case.

Patient who was living in nursing home is neglected by the staff and as a result develops multiple stage four bed sores on upper legs and buttocks which require extensive wound care. In addition, patient, who is a double amputee fell and was severely injured because the nursing home failed to take basic fall prevention measures.

Texas Nursing Home Stage 4 Sacral Ulcer Case.

Patient was in a Texas nursing home for rehabilitation after being the victim of a hit and run car accident. Due to the nursing home’s failure to care for the patient, she developed 8 severe pressure ulcers on her body including on the sacrum and coccyx. She is now receiving extensive wound care treatment to recover from the sacral ulcers.